A reflection on the way to brighten our living and working spaces

An architectural touch for your home or office

FRED & FRED Illuminate Lamps

Diffraction and reflection of light

Illuminate lamps LED

FRED & FRED Oxeye Door

Oxeye Door


Marcel BARCILON / Architect

Gérard Jacquet / Atelier QUADRA

J.M. VILLIER / Architect / CITTI

Light at its purest state of expression

soft and natural

Logan - NewLight

Backlit Applications / Natural or Artificial Lights

Logan / New York, NY

Phillip Lim - NewLight

Seven Membranes in Different Colors

Philip Lim, Los Angeles, CA

James Turrell – NewLight

Experience with Light and Space

James Turrell Exhibit at The Guggenheim, New York, NY

Museum of Fine Art - Mir.O.Dal

Enhanced Acoustical Performance and Exceptional Light Diffusion

Museum of Fine Art Boston, Massachusetts

Washington University - Mir.O.Dal

Micro-perforated technology provides the right amount of sound absorption

Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri

Entrust Capital - Mir.O.Dal

Glowing translucent and opaque mirror finish

Entrust Capital, New York, NY

FRED & FREDA reflection on the way to brighten our living and working spaces, an architectural touch for your home or office.

NewLight Backlit ApplicationsThe ideal system for backlit applications, NewLight offers seven membranes in different colors.

Mir-O-Dal Ceiling PanelsPanels in numerous sizes, configurations, suspension details, with or without built-in LED technology.

APGF Incorporated

Distributor of specialty lighting products, including backlit Fred & Fred glass block systems with optical glass and LED technology, backlit NewLight stretch ceiling systems, and backlit Mir-O-Dal custom fabricated panels with LED technology.

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