FRED & FRED - Illuminate Lamp Red


FRED & FRED offers innovative, aesthetic interior design solutions that fill your home with light and improve your sense of well-being. FRED & FRED craft light. They have honed their techniques over the past seven years, and their clients marvel at the way the gem-like materials illuminate their homes. With FRED & FRED expertise, each piece is the result of experience and skill, a balance between design and the laws of optics. FRED & FRED optical lenses illuminate interiors across the world. Their products have received many international awards for design and ingenuity.


The ideal system for backlit applications, NewLight offers several membranes of different colors. NewLight works well with either natural or artificial lights and can be installed as a single or double layer system for better light diffusion. In addition, a second layer will serve as a dust / particle barrier. NewLight membrane may also be micro-perforated upon request for better acoustical performance and can even improve air transfer when the application involves quick changes in air pressure.
One example of a NewLight application is shown here of The Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles.

NewLight - Los Angeles Museum of Natural History

Mir.O.Dal - Banc of America


Mir.O.Dal pre-stretched ceiling panels are available in 2′ x 2′, 2′ x 4′, 4′ x 4′, 5′ x 5′, as well as custom sizes. Any of Newmat‘s available membranes can be used to create an “envelope” that is stretched over an aluminum frame with or without an acoustical core. Mir.O.Dal panels can be installed in a regular t-bar grid system, can be supported by a custom channel, or can be installed with a concealed grid with torsion spring or pivot suspension. In addition, the Mir.O.Dal panels can include an LED built-in technology in different light intensities, color temperatures, and dimming abilities.
You can see an example of a Mir.O.Dal application on this image taken of Bank of America Securities in Manhattan.